Wave Ki was developed to practice surfing when not surfing. To learn new movement, sophisticate your ability and keep your confidence going between surfs. Every single movement in Wave Ki is designed to control the surfboard on the imagined wave. There is no fluff. The benefits of a daily Wave Ki practice are wide ranging and deep. They can be anything from a new found motivation to surf when you'd normally give it a pass to an ability to gain instantaneous speed or perhaps a more connected and metaphysical experience within the waves.


Wave Ki was invented by Brad Gerlach while studying Aikido and Feldenkrais in Los Angeles in 2005. He says Wave Ki comes firstly from a deep desire to continually improve as a surfer no matter your age or experience. He credits 45 years of surfing thousands of waves from all over the world on hundreds of different surfboards as his greatest teacher. He uses this depth of experience to pull from when developing and teaching Wave Ki. Brad see's his advantage as a teacher in still thinking of himself as the student.



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