How will Wave Ki help me improve my surfing?

Practicing Wave Ki daily teaches your body how to move to control the surfboard. So when you are surfing everything unfolds naturally allowing you to harness the power of each wave, ultimately increasing your joy.

What is the best tip when starting?

Warm your body up and begin slowly. Use the warm up video's for guidance. Then give yourself a time limit to allow focus without distractions. 10-15 min is good.  It's a lot of new information so be easy on yourself and learn a little at a time and don't forget to breathe.

What do I need to start?

A hard surface floor, wood being the best. Track pants, leggings, or if you want to wear shorts then have knee pads. Mainly so you can slide on the floor without friction. Yoga blocks can help give you leverage for the take off if you don't feel strong enough. I will show this to you in my take off live session.

How often should I do my Wave Ki practice?

Doing a little everyday is the best way to get it into your bones and make the movements' instinctual.  Some days you might only have 3 or 5 min. Other days allow you more time so 30 min is enough. 10 min in am and 10 min in the pm is a good formula too.

How often will you do live sessions?

1 every two weeks or so

How long does it take for Wave Ki to show in my surfing?

You may feel it instantly or it may take a little time. It depends on you and the quality of your practice. Wave Ki was developed to practice on land to increase your body awareness and fine tune your surfing tentacles so to speak. We recommend surfing with a quiet mind and a playful attitude. In this state our bodies are more open to trying new things because we aren't judging everything or working on something. Leave the work on the land and allow your surf's to be the reward for that work. Yew!

Can Wave Ki replace my other fitness / cross training / yoga training?

Yes it can, however it will depend on the creativity with how you practice Wave Ki. We will, at some point recommend learning and practicing Wave Ki switch stance. This will help to balance out the body and sophisticate your overall movement. We will go through some of this on the live streams.

What area of my body will a Wave Ki practice benefit?

Wave Ki is a great all over body work out. Your feet, legs, abs, gluts and arms will get physically stronger. The overall mobility of your body will increase too

What type of fitness level do I need to do Wave Ki?

You don't need to be super fit to start Wave Ki. Wave Ki will gradually make you more fit. You can practice Wave Ki slowly and without pain by only doing what you are capable of to start. With a daily practice you will get stronger and more flexible.

Who is Wave Ki designed for?

Anyone that wants to improve from: intermediate's to weekend surfers, to surfers who are pretty good but have hit a plateau, to the aging surfer that wants to stay sharp and continue riding a performance board, to amateurs that aspire to be pro, to the pro's that don't know how to get that 1 or 2 percent better.

Pretty much anyone that wants to surf better than they do now.

Should I try and go surfing straight after I do Wave Ki?

While It's good to use a bit of  Wave Ki to warm up and awaken your nervous system prior to surfing. We recommend doing your wave ki practice and then letting go so your brain/nervous system can take it in and receive what you have learned/gained. This letting go keeps you from trying too hard when you surf. an important point to be aware of for progress. This is also the best and fastest way for your new movement to take hold.

What do I do if I am struggling to do the movement sequences?

Slow down and do the sequence of movements one by by one. Basically do less until you can do some part of it well, then move to the next part. Try to then put those two parts together and so on until you get it. Remember to explore the feeling while practicing. Exploring is much better than trying to achieve or striving for perfection. I will also be helping on the live stream based off of customer feedback. 

Is there any evidence to show Wave Ki is an effective method for becoming a better surfer?

See testimonials written by all of my students from intermediate to pro level.

How can I receive personalized coaching and feedback on my surfing from Brad himself?

Sign up to the waiting list for a one on one with me

Do I have to wait 21 days for the next level to unlock?

The course will move forward and unlock from the previous discipline after 21 days.  Brad's directive of the course is more than just learning it once, its about practicing it so once it is ingrained you can make the discipline you are working on, more sophisticated which will allow you to handle different kinds of waves.

After 21 days, the next level will unlock, if you were working on the FS take off, you can choose to either go to the FS bottom turn or practice the opposite side take off, you can't skip to a more advanced discipline. 

Can I go from the Take off straight to the Cut Back?

No the courses were designed to learn Wave Ki in a sequence. Once you learn the fundamentals of Wave Ki you can customize it anyway you like. For inspiration we will also feature how some of our Wave Ki students like to sequence their training.

Can I switch from Goofy to Natural in my profile so I can use both?

Yes you can change your stance under the profile section.  You wont have access to the course in both stances at the same time. 

Will you be offering Teacher Training to be accredited Wave Ki instructors?

Yes I will in the not too distant future. The people who complete the online course will be given the first opportunity to apply when this opens up.

How do I get a refund if I don't like it?

You can only get a refund if you have bought the course but haven't signed up for a profile. Meaning that if you haven't seen the course. If you have seen any of the course there will be no refund.

How do I cancel my subscription?

All cancellations must be requested 48 hrs prior to the next automated billing cycle. To cancel, please email admin@waveki.com if you need to cancel your subscription.

Is this program designed for longboarders?

This program is designed for short - medium length board riders.


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