Silver Linings, Cheyne's 1976 Oz Title board comes home

Silver Linings, Cheyne's 1976 Oz Title board comes home

Silver Linings.... Cheyne Horan's 1976 Oz Title, McCoy Lazer Zap board comes home. 

This past two wks, QLD and Northern NSW regions have seen record breaking floods from heavy non stop rains.  I have never witnessed anything like it, and unfortunately millions of people have been affected.  The Wave Ki team and I have been doing what we can to help, contributing to the cleaning effort, donating money to independent charities where we trust it will be passed on to the people in need, donated 200 Litres of petrol and a trunk full of non perishable healthy food to the flood ravaged communities surrounding us.   These floods have been unprecedented & biblical, the damage we have seen and the accounts we have heard so devastating.   Many people within the community pitched in, including my family and the Wave Ki Team, our friends and fellow surfers Mick Fanning, Parko, Dru Adler, Mick Cain, Dingo, Patchy, The Mad Hueys, Glen Casey and many others.   It was really beautiful to see people come together again after the last 2 years of being divided. 

On one of our cleaning days, we helped our friend Haydn whose warehouse, cars and home was neck deep in flood waters that destroyed everything that lay in its wake.  During this effort, we recovered this mysterious single fin that potentially belonged to Cheyne Horan.  I had a strong feeling it was his, so did Glen Casey who was cleaning with us, so Haydn gave it to me to return to Cheyne.  Ado, Cheyne's childhood best friend also happens to be my neighbor & friend too who also confirmed it was his board.  I called Cheyne and told him about it, after his work day ended, he could not have come over fast enough.  Returning the board back to him, seeing his joy and mind taking me back down memory lane was amazing and one of the many positives of the flood relief effort by the community, you can watch a little edit of the day by clicking the link below. Thanks Haydn for taking care of this board for all these years and flowing it back to Cheyne. 

Like many kids I loved Cheyne and his surfing as a grom. He was my hero. I have a fond memory of surfing Swami's at 13 in 1979, where I pretended to be him on one wave and then MR on the next wave in an imaginary competition. I studied everything about Cheyne, he was a huge inspiration and a big reason why I chose to devote myself to becoming a professional surfer. Thank you Cheyne for your amazing contribution to surfing. And thanks for being such a good friend. 


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