Happy Birthday Max Beach!

Happy Birthday Max Beach!

A huge Happy Birthday to style master in the making, Max Beach! 

I first started working with Max at age 14, when he approached me to help him improve his surfing, and let me tell ‘ya ...the kid progressed super-fast.  

I have never met a student who could laugh at himself more than Max can, one of life’s great character traits which fails many. He is truly one of a kind and a joy to work with.  

He is always positive, has an artistic eye and never misses an opportunity to complement me on my clothing choices “....hey man, those are some sick loafers!” (haha).  

From charging big waves, to riding unique and different equipment (including his own shapes), through to teaching Wave Ki (of which he marks the 6th year as a practitioner this month), Max Beach is a star with untold potential, if last year is any indication of things to come, look out!  

Make sure to throw him a “Shaka” If you see him out surfing, or just getting about and be sure to follow his antics on Instagram @maxbeach82 

Happy Birthday Max.


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