INSIGHT - Improving without surfing.

INSIGHT - Improving without surfing.

Improving without surfing, how is that even possible? You need to surf to improve right? Yes, but how often you surf and improve varies. If you are a kid, everyday is good, there is so much to learn and your body is changing at such a rapid rate. This is also an important developmental stage where learning something the right way first is a huge advantage that can lead to an exciting and wonderful surfing life, whether it be a recreational ripper or world champion is up to the individuals make up. If you are an adult on the other hand, surfing everyday can be a challenge to nearly impossible with time constraints, responsibilities, injuries, etc… ah the list goes on.

Is there even enough time to improve? With waves being as elusive as they are and no guarantee that you will catch a lot every surf, how do you actually get better? The traditional way is to devote time to surf consistently and do it in varied conditions, travel to ride different waves, watch others surf, live and on film, read tutorials whenever they appear, stay fit and flexible, and get new boards frequently. That takes a lot of time and even if you do all this, it’s not automatic that you will improve. You can also be lucky to have a relative that surfs well to learn from or find a good coach. There are a lot of great surfers in the world with a ton of experience that can help you improve.  However, you will still have to catch waves to try out what you’ve learned.  Which essentially means you have to be willing to throw waves away in hope of one day being good. For kids or aspiring pro’s this an important trajectory. They both have disposable time and kids literally live in their wetsuits… haha. Alas, it’s not so easy with every single wave being a new experience though. What works on one wave doesn’t work on another and so on. So practicing surfing sort of misses the point by treating the waves like they are separate from the water. A deeper sensitivity is attainable through building your awareness and widening your perspective.  

I did try the traditional way for years and founded the Wave Ki Method as a different approach. I teach how to practice surfing using wave knowledge and visualization while not you don’t have to practice surfing...while surfing. You just surf and do your best to stay present, tuning into the ocean’s rhythm to be where the best waves are breaking. That isn't an easy thing to do, it takes a sort of sixth sense or knowing-ness that only comes with a quiet mind and an aware body. All the Wave Ki forms you have fluidly practiced on land are within you, you are gifted with a more sophisticated nervous system now and trying too hard or practicing while surfing negates it all. So in a loving way you learn to let go, to see and truly feel surfing as your reward for all the time devoted to practicing on land.

This adopted philosophy opens you to gratitude which puts you in a good mood every time you go surfing, no matter what the surf is like, or how crowded it is. Simply because surfing is way more fun than practicing surfing haha. Further, a good mood is the ideal state to be in for progress, you feel open, free, loose and relaxed with any outcome also increasing your chances of being a wave magnet! Yeew! 

I go through every technical movement needed to improve your surfing with Wave Ki and show you how to practice it so you own it. There is nothing like it any where in the world. Sign up now and see your surfing reach new levels with these courses.

See you in the water.



  • I am 62 and I am struggling with my pop up and basic fundamentals. If I get to me feet with face in front of me I can rip. Do you have a pop up module that breaks down the technique of a pop up?

  • Howdy Brad,

    I heard you speaking about WaveKi during the WSL Narrabeen Classic.

    I am a 57 year old that started surfing almost as meany years ago😁😁. However, I live almost 200kms from the surf and don’t get there often, although when I do I’m frustrated because of a lack of practice or surf fitness.

    I am naturally a good swimmer which was my strongest discipline in the triathlons I competed in.

    How will your program benefit me for the few occasions that I’d is get to surf?



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