Dumb and Dumber Sketch

Dumb and Dumber Sketch
This was super fun to make, but improve your form with the ability to turn on a dime? Yes, with a consistent Wave Ki practice. Getting invited for a Cappucino by sterlingspencer ? Well, we can't guarantee that.

But, here's where we aren't foolin: Every movement in Wave Ki is purposeful and designed to control the surfboard however you want, no matter the wave's size or shape. Stating the obvious, acquiring this kind of skill in the surf doesn't happen overnight, nor is it easy. I would say it's not a sure thing, either.

There is a lot of mystery with surfing, which we love, but wouldn't it be cool to know how to surf better? You know, so you just keep improving your whole life. I invented Wave Ki for this reason. It was born out of riding waves from all over the world and making a million mistakes on those waves, a deep study in Kung Fu, with elements learned from Aikido, Tai Chi, and Ballet. Countless hours spent quizzing some of the world's brightest on movement to understand our anatomy's capabilities and what the body/bones need to do to surf well.

Wave Ki is a science-based method designed by a surfer for surfers. Proven by Wave Ki students of all levels to advance your surfing with consistent practice.

I can't surf every day like I did when I was a pro, yet I still want to surf well when I do, so I practice Wave Ki daily, and that keeps my confidence up when I do get to surf—making every surf fun.

Brad .

Edit and VO: @waveki @yproductionsmedia
Clip: Dumb and Dumber @jimcarreyhere @jeffdanielsofficial

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