Canada Trip 2012

Canada Trip 2012

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Oh man I miss it.

As the world begins to slowly re-open its doors to tourism and international travel, many of us will be clambering for the earliest possible flights to some obscure and faraway destination, to drop-off the map, reconnect with adventure, and to do the thing we all love to do most... simply go surfing.

This was a little trip to Canada with Parker when he was 17, nearly 10 years ago. At this age he had already won several surfing contests and showing great potential but was in a funk about the competition side of surfing.

I knew that feeling as I was the same age when I told my dad I was going to quit competition altogether and go back to school.

So I suggested to him and his mom that we go on an adventure. There really is no better remedy than going off-grid to a new, rugged place with the promise of good waves to share with rad humans. Surfing life is amazing in the way that it only takes a phone call or two to link up with the right people.


Gerr & Parker


Surfing is the common thread that bonds us, it gives us so much, we take and take and rarely give back,
... I am so grateful for the places it has taken me and the people I have met along the way. 



Raph and Sepp Bruwheiler were our guides that turned into our life long bros. Along with Anthony Marcotti and Brody Jenner we had the best crew with never a dull moment. We took a boat to a remote spot with a nuts slab to camp and surf for a week in the wild. We quizzed the boys constantly about Bears and then actually saw one!


We had to watch for Cougars when getting water from the creek, got the shit scared out of us by sea lions in the line up and got properly piped.


Needless to say the trip gave us more than we could have imagined, it stoked us out and reinvigorated the joy that surfing is for young Parker who is now one of the best surfers in the world today. Have a look at his latest surfing on @snapt4.



Canada Trip


I even captured the moment (below) of when a 'man in the brown suit' wandered out of the forest right by our camp! ...wild!



Special thanks to Scott Serfas for the






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  • So rad Gerr,
    2009/10 I did a trip to that exact area, got really fun waves. Watched a massive eagle dive and pluck a big fish out of the water about 2 meters from my brother, being a little guy he though he was next!

    Si Page

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