I have been working with Brad for about 7 years.  Brad is an inspirational, imaginative and detail-oriented teacher.  His method of teaching--Wave Ki--is an incredibly deep, well-structured framework through which to learn or improve anyone’s surfing.  Brad, as described through the physical language of Wave Ki, breaks down the essence of surfing’s fundamentals, and therefore, style, into its many component parts.  The Wave Ki language and movements begin with the fundamentals  such as the take-off, a neutral stance, and the front and back-side bottom turns, and lead to more advanced concepts and maneuvers.  Each form can be taught and practiced on land (either in person on via video), like yoga.  Since Wave Ki begins at the beginning, it is just as appropriate for beginners as it is for experienced and expert surfers. 

I tried working with many surf schools, guides and so-called teachers.  None progressed my surfing as far and as quickly as Brad and the Wave Ki method.  When I met Brad, I was uncomfortable in most lineups.  Unless I was out on a long board at one of the numerous “Old Man’s” of the surfing world, most of my sessions ended in frustration, wondering how everyone else in the lineup looked like they were having so much fun.  With Brad’s guidance under the Wave Ki method, he took me from a place where I was uncomfortable in any line up, to being a surfer comfortable in most lineups around the world. 

I’m not ripping by anyone’s standards.  But that’s not really the point.  What’s rad about Wave Ki is that it gives you a whole bunch of tools to improve your surfing in completely sport-specific ways that you can work on whether you are in or out of the water.  So not only did my surfing improve and am I having more fun today in the lineup, Brad and Wave Ki have taken away the mysteriousness of how to surf better tomorrow and in the future and provided a framework to do just that.  Put another way, when I go surfing tomorrow, all I’m thinking about is how to do a better back side cut back or re-entry instead of thinking about whether I’ll catch any waves at all at my local beach break.  So basically everything about surfing is more fun.  I owe it all to Brad and the Wave Ki method.


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