My son Taro started competing in amateur surfing contests in California such as the NSSA and WSA when he was nine years old.  In the first year of competing, he was always finishing at the bottom of every contest.  The second year, he turned ten and met Brad.  That was when he started to learn the art of Wave Ki. 

I remember his rating improved a bit, but still its faster to find him from the bottom.  We have experienced frustrating moments but kept believing in Brad and the Wave Ki method.

Thanks to Wave Ki, a few years later, Taro won seasonal championships on both NSSA and WSA.  He also won the seasonal championship of Surfing America Prime that was participated by America's top junior surfers at age of sixteen.  In the beginning, he couldn't even get invited to it as per his wishes. 

These accomplishments wouldn't have happened without Brad and his Wave Ki training.  This is a direct result of mastering Wave Ki without giving up.  Brad taught him not only the way of improving his surfing, but also its greatness and way of living. 

Taro just finished his amateur career top of his game and has just begun his professional surfing career, winning his maiden WQS Pro event in Moro Bay.  Wave Ki gave him the confidence to do so.  My Husband Masa and I believe we made the best choice choosing Brad and Wave Ki for Taro's surf training.

- Kaori


Brad and I have had a consistent relationship for the last 8 years. I started working with him because I truly loved surfing and wanted to get better. My parents decided to have me work with Brad because of his prior success in surfing. We did not know what would come out of it but after my first session we instantly saw his dedication and love for surfing. It was special. The way he was able to dissect technique and to appropriately teach was what I needed during that time. I had no prior success in my surfing until that point but from there on I was constantly improving which meant the results started coming my way.

I am so honored that I can still call him my teacher but more importantly a part of my family.

- Taro


Here is the result of mastering Wave-Ki without giving up!

Brad taught him not only the way of improvement of surfing, but also its greatness and way of living.

Now or soon he finishing amateur career and starting professional surfing carrier, Wave-Ki would be his confidence for sure.

I and my husband believe we made the best choice as letting him learn Wave-Ki.


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