Wave Ki's 1st Anniversary.

Wave Ki's 1st Anniversary.

Here's to all the originators, the inventors, the mavericks, the visionaries...

Here's to those who were told 'no' and did it anyway. Here's to the naysayers, for without you there'd be nobody to prove wrong.

Today is the 1st anniversary of Wave Ki. An occasion I never imagined I'd achieve and certainly wouldn't have if it wasn't for the support of my incredible wife & kids and all of those who believed in me.

Today is also my father's birthday (Happy Birthday pops), an incredible and inspirational person, who had more courage than anyone I have ever met. He combined passion and creativity with so much positive energy. He was also very generous and loved to give. I loved his mind and learned so much from him. I love and miss you dad. I wish to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal Wave Ki family and to let you all know that this is just the beginning. For those of you still hesitant to sign-up, the journey starts whenever you're ready...

...For the love of Surfing.


Here's to: George Greenough @greenoughgeorge
Duncan & Malcolm Campbell Bros @bonzer_front
Ben Aipa (R.I.P) @aipasurf @benaipalegacy
Tom Blake (R.I.P)
Duke Kahanamoku (R.I.P) @dukefoundation
Tom Morey (R.I.P) @moreybodyboards
Greg Webber @gregwebber2
Jeff Clark @jeffclarksurfboards
Chris Christensen @chris_christenson73
Xanadu @xanadu_surf
Jack O'Neill (R.I.P) @oneillusa
Sean Collins (R.I.P) @surfline
Joe Gerlach (R.I.P) @carveboardusa

...and many, many others.


🙏 Song credit: @thecure - A Forest


  • Here’s to…the surfers who took our sport to another level….Gerr’s, Kelly’s, Macnamarra’s..

    Sad to hear that Gerr’s father passed away. My condolences to the all family.

    Keep on droooooping the wave

    Jose Neves
  • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


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