TOKYO 2020 - Surfing in the Olympics!?!

TOKYO 2020 - Surfing in the Olympics!?!

We recently took an online Poll and put the question to our social media followers, 'Does Surfing Belong in the Olympics?'

I have fond memories of being with my dad every 4 years the Olympics were on. He talked about his time competing, he got 4th saying he got a cramp in his handstand otherwise he would have done better, He told me how his little brother helped him run through Budapest during the 1956 revolution to make the charter flight to Melbourne, how he was in his prime in 1960 but wasn’t allowed to go for the USA because he competed for Hungary.  

I loved to sit with him and ask him a million questions, he was always happy to answer them, it was like digging for gold. He always had a lot of good information about elegant movement, things that I could learn from and add to my surfing. I loved those times, cherish them and miss him so much. 


Olympic couch commentary with Brad Gerlach



We recently took an online Poll and put the question to our social media followers, 'Does Surfing Belong in the Olympics?', the response we received was overwhelming. 

Although the result was somewhat polarising, with the 'YES' vote sneaking over the line for the win (excuse the pun), it sure got people talking! Some very in depth analysis and opinion from both teams. It got me thinking, I realised the event deserved to be covered and dissected, so we set off and before I knew it we were LIVE on IGTV. If you caught our broadcast, I'd like to say a big thanks for your engagement, it was a real SWELL time... Just ask Smivvy! hahaha 

The full event (minus various incriminating footage) is available to watch via our youtube channel for those of you who may have missed it.

It was the first of many more surprises to come for our subscribers. I hope as valued Wave Ki members you feel considered, I always try to talk directly to you guys when I'm discussing Wave Ki, it is my little way of giving a nod to you all.

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