Here's a bit of fun to celebrate the end of the week. Hopefully, you'll be surfing this weekend, but if life gets in the way of your surf plans, stay connected with Wave Ki like Milton does. For most people, myself included, life can get hectic, especially as a parent, husband, and business owner. With commitments, lack of swell, illness, or injuries, it might be weeks before we can get a proper surf in. I created Wave Ki for myself 20 years ago to live a full life without losing my edge in surfing. I then found it was the best way to teach others, and I realized there must be countless surfers of all ages with different experiences who would benefit from Wave Ki.

Now I am not the only surfer that uses a daily practice to keep my surfing self in tune. If you are interested, sign up and learn something new to see your surfing progress. You never know you may get invited to Mexico like Milton did.

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