The reward of seeing how much I'm able to help others through surfing, something that has given me so much, is one of the most satisfying experiences I've had in my surfing life.

Wave Ki is a method I've been planning to release for over a decade and something that has its roots in my early days as a pro working with my dad. Having been an Olympic diver and coach, my dad helped me understand the importance of looking good while surfing and connecting that to feeling good. When I learned to do this consistently, it catapulted me into a different level of surfer. The time he spent helping me improve gave me the belief that I could continually improve and reach my potential as a surfer. What he planted within me is the origin of Wave Ki.

Launching Wave Ki in 2020 was filled with both joy and struggle. While on the one hand, I was finally getting my life's work out into the world, and I also was limited in my ability to travel and see my father, who was slowly passing away back in San Diego. Add on top of that the learning curve of raising young children, recovering from double knee surgery, and the troubleshooting that goes into launching a new business… I'd be lying if I said it hasn't been equally challenging as it has been rewarding. These last couple of years have been the hardest we've had to deal with.

That's why when someone sends me a message frothing about the program and the renewed sense of curiosity, stoke, and connection they feel with their surfing, I feel a well of gratitude inside me. I feel grateful to my father, wife, boys, every teacher I've learned from, and every student, from the professional to our newest members, that I've had the privilege of helping. I am grateful for the ocean, Mother Nature, God, and the gift of surfing.

I am looking forward to what 2023 has in store, and I believe you will too.

Thank you,

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