INSIGHT - More of Less Pressure?

INSIGHT - More of Less Pressure?

Reading the wave is more than just looking at it, it’s feeling it too. To feel the wave’s power and truly harness it, an awareness of your whole body right down to your feet, especially the bottom of your feet is key. In every form of the Wave Ki Method we focus on the bottom of the feet, 99 percent of the time they are the only two body parts touching the surfboard during a ride. Bringing awareness and dexterity to your feet is paramount to progress. Eventually, through your feet you can feel how much pressure to apply to the surfboard to propel it forward or slow it down.
Beyond the technical is learning to quiet the mind, an essential skill taught here that helps you arrive at this awareness, This state can be beneficial for multiple rewards and cultivated so you can use it at will in or outside the ocean. When the mind is quiet things start to slow down allowing you to jive with the speed and ever changing shape of the wave. Here are a few examples of surfing connected to the power of the wave, using every ounce of it to project forward with speed, flow, and good timing. This kind of surfing goes beyond the technical, giving the surfer the sensations of freedom, creativity and joy. 
Something to know: Just like surfing you will never out grow Wave Ki because there will always be a wave out there to throw challenges at you. The exciting part of this journey is the better you get, the more advanced waves you can have fun on.  Sign up now and join me to take your surfing to a level you never knew existed.

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