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Hi Brad

After practicing Waveki for nine months in northern Vermont, totally landlocked, I finally had a chance to surf last week, and the results were amazing.

I'm in southern (#####) for a month, and we just had a late-season south swell, all lefts. Last week we had three days of consistent swell with 8 to 10-foot faces, and gentle offshores all morning. 

It had been over 18 months since my last surf. I'm regular foot so this was a backside session, never my strong point in the past, and the first day I paddled out on my 6'7 x 20.5 egg (stable and glassed heavy), feeling excited and nervous.  It took over an hour before a nice wide-swinger set came right to me, and I used the mantra: I want it, I got it, make it.   

First wave got to my feet perfectly, and everything felt easy, balanced, and intuitive.  The first bottom turn felt like slow motion, almost too easy, and then I just clicked off four big arcing top turns and deep bottom turns, one after another, much further over on rail than I had ever been before and with total balance the whole time.  It felt like a different sport, somehow more relaxed with plenty of time and also much more dynamic accelerating on rail. Wow, my buddies were blown away.  The rest of the morning session I made every drop I tried for and was grinning ear to ear til my face was sore during some long paddles back up the point 

Day two I paddled out on a brand new 6'4 performance twin fin my friend shaped for me in (t@& ####) with light glass, channel bottom and true ames fins.  Again I made every drop.  All those thousands of waveki take-offs I practiced really paid off.   

The twinfin was so fast that I was making it around huge sections and skimming along on a highline going above guys who were duckdiving into the face, for the first time in my life.  By the end of the session I was sitting deeper than anyone, super selective on wave choice but fully committed when I wanted it.  Only one guy dropped in on me the whole day, and even the locals were throwing me shakas as I was flying down the line faster than I've ever gone before.  What??!!!

Total magic.  This is why I started surfing twenty years ago (in my early thirties) and now at 52 years old it just all finally came together.   Looking forward to some NW swells soon so I can try my forehand technique.

Thank you so much Brad for sharing your knowledge and putting all the energy and effort into a fantastic learning program.  Much respect.

Your super stoked student,

Stephen Cayer

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