Deep Dive - Curren Vs Gerr '85/86 - a story of 'Hynd-Sight'.

Deep Dive - Curren Vs Gerr '85/86 - a story of 'Hynd-Sight'.

As one grows older we are able to reflect on missed opportunities. I’ve had many incredible and inspiring people come into my life at various times and feel extremely fortunate to have met and learned from some of those people at critical turning points in my life.

I believe it’s vital for progress to be open to those rare meetings of chance, some of us in our youth don’t always recognise these moments for what they truly are… incredibly important moments in life that become defining. Back when I began my pro career on the ASP tour there were times where I didn’t recognise the full potential of certain relationships that we’re forming around me, one such union was between Derek Hynd and myself.

DH is one of surfing’s most honest and informed minds, his ability to look at a situation for what it is and extract out of it the realest of truths is rare indeed. Now that I am a teacher/coach I often look back on my career and although I had many incredible people in my corner, my pops being my biggest supporter (and hero) for one, I can not help but wonder, what if I just had someone with elite pro surfing experience to guide me all the way? Derek was there during my peak years and was available to me had I been tuned-in enough to listen, he would’ve been an all inspiring coach and perhaps given me the edge I needed. It leads me to recall the saying ‘choose your teachers wisely’.

It begs the question that today, with all we know and all that is available to an aspiring pro surfer, that some of the worlds best still don’t seek out every advantage available to them. A good coach teacher is more than a person on the beach telling you ‘do this’ or ‘do that’, they are the mind that sees what you, as a surfer, cannot. I created Wave Ki to help surfers of all levels progress into becoming better, so it also leaves me thinking “if only I had Wave Ki in my back pocket”, to gain that critical advantage over the other guy, to be the coach in my corner, ...the mentor by my side.


Shoutout to the filmmakers who captured this early footage, namely Chris Bystrom & Paul Sargeant..

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  • Appreciate the video. Brad’s voice sounds like a bad skype connection and then the music drowns out everything anyway. Oh wait, closed captions to the rescue! Just some feedback so it’s all as good as can be. Thank you.


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